The Ace Radiology Interview Course

Radiology applications are more competitive than ever.

Many applicants won't have sat an interview since they applied for medical school, so getting the practice and feedback from an interview course will give you a huge advantage in your radiology specialty applications. 

To maximise the time spent getting interview practice and minimise the time listening to lectures, we have divided the course into a pre-recorded video course (with lectures and model answers to interview questions) and a live course with mock interviews, all delivered by London Radiology trainees, including several who ranked in the top 10 for their radiology applications. This also means that if you don't manage to secure a space on the live course, you can at least get the benefit of our video tutorials to guide your interview practice.

The Ace Radiology pre-recorded video Course

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The Ace Radiology Live Interview Course - Saturday 18th February 2023 (9am - 5pm) ***Fully Booked - we are trying to increase capacity and add further dates before the interviews this year, so keep an eye on your e-mails***

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